Wednesday, September 2, 2009

If There's A Rocket Tie Me To It

I am very annoyed with my sister. She sucks. I spend 90% of the time hating her or heavily disliking her or just being annoyed by her. She is the most frustrating person I know. Seriously, it's like she goes out of her way to start useless arguments with me or get a rise out of me. She sucks. A lot. And she loves to piss me off in public as if to humiliate me completely.
For example, I went to the dentist today with her and my dad. We were sitting in the waiting room with a mom and her daughters, one about 2 and the other about 6. She's talking about her uneven tan and then she talks about her shorts tan and how since she wore capris the entire time we were at the shore last week that she got a gross tan. And then she goes and says, "Still, at least I'm not wearing short-shorts like Chuckles." And I turn around and say, "At least my legs don't look like I went knee-deep in sewage." And then she retorts, "I'd rather look like that than walk around looking like a skank!" And my dad, being a total asshole just laughed at us instead of intervening. And she said that in front of six year old. Shit, I bet her mom didn't appreciate that at all. I know I wouldn't. Gahhh. She makes me want to fight her, like she wants me to get so angry that I want to literally punch her in the mouth so hard that she'll never want to speak again.
My mom wants me to have a photo shoot tomorrow as a part of my sixteenth birthday because she doesn't have any updated pictures of me, since the last one I took before my eighth grade graduation. So tomorrow I'm going to my best friend's mom's salon (where I always go) to get my hair and make up and nails done for the picture. I have to pick out a dress, which I haven't yet. But whatever, I'm not too worried. I have quite a few dresses. I'll find something acceptable. I think. Then again, I think my mom wanted to approve my fashion choice beforehand because I get the feeling she doesn't necessarily trust my fashion sense. Whatevs.
Gonna go.
xoxo, Chuckles McGee

Monday, August 31, 2009

Numero Uno

I got a letter in the mail today, getting invited to become a student ambassador for a program called "People to People". If I joined or whatever the process is for becoming involved in a program like that, I would spend 19 days of my summer next year with other high school students touring great places in Europe. I'm talking France, England, Wales, Amsterdam, Ireland, and the Netherlands. I really want to go, but money could be an issue, since my parents' income isn't all that great. Plus, my dad is kinda cheap and my mom spends her money supporting me and my two siblings and paying mortgage to the house she bought herself...I'd hate to be a drain on her finances. Still, I really want to do this, it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I just hope that things will work out.

School starts for me on the 11th. When I found out, I thought that was pretty inconsiderate. After the 9/11 attack I didn't really think that my school start fall term on the day of natural tragedy. As selfish as it sounds though, no disrespect to anyone who lost someone to that sad day, I'm kind of excited to go back to school and see all of my friends. Life can get pretty boring during the last lulls of the summer. I finished all three summer reading books, all of which were beautifully written and depressing, and I even had a summer job as a camp counselor. I'm kind of ready to go back and start a new school year. I'm thinking, a term of driver's ed so I can FINALLY learn how to drive.

I've become this weird fanatic for the show "Greek" on ABC Family. I used to watch it, but stopped after the first season. Since the third season is premiering tonight, I figured I'd catch up on the first two seasons. Basically I spent the past two or three days a zombie on watching all of the episodes that I could. I finally finished the second season at 1PM. This is how cool I am.

I'm gonna go now, and just hang out until the season premieres in an hour.

xoxo, Chuckles McGee (pseudonym)